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My name is Michael.


I've been a musician my entire life.


Renaissance Club began as an idea in a journal entry:

a list i made

of things i deeply wish existed in the world.

it was born for no other reason than that.

It's for anyone starving for better conversation over dinner.

For my sister, who quit her job

and fought the long battle with "what now?"

For Cameron, who doesn't drink;

who laments that bars and parties

are tired ways to meet people.

For mom,


struggling with empty-nester syndrome.

Renaissance Club is for the abundance of talented merchants, artisans, teachers, and providers who have something extraordinary to share,

but are rarely stumbled upon by the average person.


This is about making connections.

About removing the friction between you

and trying something new.

About people finding their people.

their passion.

their superpower.

our mission:

to expand empathy, open mindedness, and personal growth

through a journey of radical curiosity.

with love,

michael jade

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