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Welcome to
Renaissance Club

A Monthly Membership for Curious People Who Want to Try Everything

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You're a curious person.

You love trying new things, meeting new people, and getting out of your comfort zone. But let's be real: trying new things requires too much effort, planning, scheduling, and money. So you don’t. 

Enter Renaissance Club.

Remove the friction between
YOU and trying something NEW.

Each month, we're going to give you a new mystery experience to try.

It's as simple as that.

How Does It Work?


Choose a date

Each month, you will choose 3 dates you are free.


Experience Reveal

A few days later, we send you an email Revealing your next Experience.

We tell you the what, the when, the where, and the wear.


Show up and enjoy

Everything, including the cost, has been taken care of for you.

All you need to do is show up with an open mind, and try something new.

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You can sign up Solo, or
partner up with someone
and join as a Duo

What Types of Activities Will I Do?

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Archery, Woodworking, Cooking Classes, Whale Watching, Blacksmithing, Martial Arts, Dance Classes, Live Shows, Falconry, Indoor Skydiving, Art Classes, Meditation, and over 100 other experiences.

Starting at just



For a limited time, get 20% off your first 2 months.

Regular membership price of $99/mo applies after initiation period

What people are saying about Renaissance Club

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“Signing up for Renaissance Club has been a perfect fit for our adventurous souls! We love having a spontaneous date night every month where all we do is show up, enjoy the ride, and try something new.”

- Hilary & Ted

“Renaissance Club has been inspiring in every way. It’s been emotionally and spiritually challenging but always mind-opening. The world is so big and there’s so much to experience. Many things you will never even know exist if the doors aren’t opened for you. Renaissance Club is opening those doors.” 

“We never realized there was so much to do in LA! The RAGE ROOM was one of our favorites so far. David’s wild side really came out. He smashed the @!&% out of all that glass!” 

- Jared & David

- Emily

"Bringing back that playful curiosity we had as kids into modern adulting"

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Image by Fernando Gutierrez

Your initiation begins at 20% off your first 2 months.

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Still have questions?

99% of them are usually answered on our
FAQ page

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