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Frequently Asked Questions

what kind of activities will i be doing?

While there are over 100 unique experiences, each one is derived from one of 5 major categories:

Arts & Craftspainting, woodwork, glasswork, candle-making, pottery, etc.

Culinary Arts cooking classes, wine/beer tasting, coffee roasting, mixology, etc.

Motionarchery, skating, knife/axe throwing, martial arts, dance classes, bouldering, etc.

Culturelive shows, comedy, theater, magic classes, exhibits/museums, special tours, etc.

Spiritualitytai chi, meditation, healing/massages, sensory deprivation, sound baths, etc.


There are 2 additional categories which members may include in their membership by choice. Thrill Seeker (extreme sports like Skydiving and Bunjee Jumping) and Philanthropy, which includes Volunteer-based activities to help those in need.



if i don't choose what I do, how does booking work?


Each month, you’ll receive a series of 3 emails:


1. The BLIND CONFIRMATION EMAIL: You'll choose and confirm 3 potential date/time slots for your next experience without knowing what it will be. You will have 48 hours to do this, otherwise we will choose the date for you. All experiences will be curated based on YOUR availability and the preferences you provided for us upon registering. *Remember, you can always update your preferences in your account portal.


2. An EXPERIENCE REVEAL email with detailed instructions about your experience.

3. A REMINDER email (48 hours prior to experience).



how does the pricing work?


You might be wondering how it’s possible that your monthly subscription could cover the cost of high-value activities such as blacksmithing, perfume-making, indoor skydiving, and cooking classes, which can cost over $250. The answer is simple. The cost of each activity ranges from low to high. In this way, the cost balances out over time, which allows us to offer these high-end activities at such low prices.



how do i freeze or cancel my account?


Life happens. We get it. Perhaps you’re traveling for a while, or just need a break. If you need to freeze or cancel your account for any reason, you can do so freely in your account portal. We recommend freezing over canceling since it costs you nothing, and doesn’t delete your experience history. If you cancel and come back, you will likely do many experiences all over again.



what if i can't make it to an experience?


Can't make it to an experience? No problem! 90% of our experiences are reschedulable. You can do this by simply hitting the "Reschedule" button in your portal. Each vendor has their own policy as to how many days prior you're allowed to reschedule. Once that point is passed, it is typically too late to reschedule. If something comes up and you can’t make it, you may simply need to miss the experience and continue your membership as normal until your next one. That being said, in these last minute cases, email us at and we will do our best. If we can reschedule the experience for you, we will!

what if i'm uncomfortable with an experience?


Inevitably, you will prefer some activities over others. You may even hate certain activities, find them boring or strange, or perhaps it’s something you’ve already done before. That’s all part of being a Renaissance Club Member. We ask that you be open-minded and open-hearted. This is unlike Groupon or TripAdvisor, where you just pick your favorite things to do. This is about expanding your mind, trying things you would never think to do, and meeting people you would never expect to meet.


That being said, you are never obligated to partake in any experience you are uncomfortable with. If you decide you are too uncomfortable with an upcoming experience, you can let us know in your account portal. In some rare cases, we will be able to refund the booking and book you for something else. If not, it’s still important that you let us know so we can take that activity off your menu for the future. Since we use your preferences to curate your experiences, this should happen very rarely, if at all.



if I'm a DUO, can I bring someone else if my +1 can't make it?

Great question, and yes! In *most* cases, you may bring someone else instead of your +1. There may be a few experiences that only allow those whose exact name is on the ticket, but most experiences should be perfectly fine. When you get your Experience Reveal, you should have all the info you need there. If you're still unsure, please reach out to us so we can double check for you. 

what happens if a vendor cancels an experience?


If any activity is canceled by the vendor for any reason (ie weather, COVID, over or under-booked, etc.), that, of course, is not on you and you will be rescheduled automatically at no extra charge.



what is the difference between an activity and an experience?


An activity means activity in the broad sense: archery, tai chi, escape room, etc. An experience is a specific experience within that activity, offered by a specific vendor.


For example: A Live Show is an activity. A singer-songwriter performing at the Fonda Theatre, or a jazz show at the Catalina Jazz Club is a specific experience. Therefore, you may find that we book you for the same activity more than once, but they’re still totally different experiences.


All in all, we aim to provide as much variety as possible.


will i ever repeat an experience?


We will always try make sure you are not repeating experiences until you have completed all possible experiences available to you based on your membership and preferences. In most cases, you should not be repeating a particular experience for at least 2-3 years. That said, if you have very limited availability, that can severely limit the range of what we can offer you, and may result in repeated experiences on occasion.


how does the Philanthropy category work?

Members may opt to include “Philanthropy” in their rotation. We implore members to consider this, as it nourishes and strengthens the heart more than any cardiovascular exercise in existence. As a Philanthropy member, you would do some volunteer-based activity twice a year such as helping out at your local soup kitchen, food drive, or shelter. Members who opt in for this are rewarded faster access to Mask Memberships.


what is your refund policy?

You are free to cancel or freeze your membership any time, so long as it is prior to payment! However, once we have booked you for an experience, the month is no longer refundable.


will we be doing group experiences with other Renaissance Club members?

Sometimes! While each member embarks on their unique journey of exploration, we're working on ways to allow multiple members to book shared experiences when feasible.


That said, starting your third month, you will have access to a feature called "Tribes" which will allow you to build your own community of Renaissance Club members. When someone is in your Tribe, we will know to book you with them as often as your availabilities allow for!

what kinds of activities will I be doing?
if i don't choose what I do, how does booking work?
how does the pricing work?
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vendor cancels
difference activity/experience
repeat experience?
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